C-FER works in partnership with the global energy industry to advance safety, environmental performance and efficiency. We provide full-scale testing and specialized engineering consulting services from our world-class facilities in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

C-FER works with industry to develop solutions to unique engineering challenges. This often requires in‑depth discussions with a client’s subject matter experts and the return to first principals engineering to understand their key issues.

As part of these activities, C-FER often develops novel analysis techniques and testing equipment which build on our past experience or forge new approaches that have never been tried before.



PC-PUMP provides a comprehensive tool for operating companies and equipment vendors to design pumping systems to meet the needs of specific well conditions and operating practices.

PIRAMID is a risk-based integrity assessment and maintenance planning software tool for pipelines.

C-FER’s Well Xplore™ (formerly CalTran) software uses multi-finger caliper data to accurately determine the local trajectory in well tubulars.

ESPBend helps companies investigate the effects of wellbore curvature on ESP equipment deflection and reliability.

Run-Life Xplore (RLX) helps companies investigate equipment run-life challenges by leveraging available in-house data and industry standards and best practices.