Thirty Years of Experience in Launching New Joint Industry Projects

C-FER Technologies supports operating companies and equipment vendors in applied research and development projects that address broad industry challenges.

Combining funding from multiple industry participants allows for cost-sharing of larger initiatives and brings broader industry experience to the table to help direct the project work. The industry funding can also often be leveraged with government funding to support the development of new infrastructure.

JIPs Can Include:

  • Engineering reviews to identify best practices and technology gaps in current operations;
  • Feasibility studies of implementing new technologies or procedures;
  • Developing new standardized testing methods to help industry qualify equipment for new applications; and
  • Developing new technologies or producing new engineering software tools to assist clients in their day-to-day operations.

C-FER has a variety of current JIPs that are open to new industry participants. Depending on the type of JIP, participants may be operating companies, equipment vendors, or industry/government groups. The roles and terms of participation vary for each JIP.

Analysis JIP Example

Electric Submersible Pump Reliability and Failure Tracking System (ESP-RIFTS)

The ESP-RIFTS JIP was initiated to allow operating companies to examine the performance of their pumping systems in comparison with other operators around the world.

The system includes built-in statistical tools to allow to users to perform analyses to understand their pump performance, to learn what equipment and operational decisions other operators are making and to monitor the performance of new technologies as they are introduced in the field.

C-FER’s role in the JIP is as an independent resource working with the participants to ensure that the sharing of information takes place effectively. We maintain the JIP website, process the data to ensure consistency, develop new tools, and conduct a variety of analyses on behalf of the participants.

The system contains over 100,000 ESP records from over 20 operating companies

Testing JIP Example

Artificial Lift Systems for Steam Assisted Gravity Drainage (AL-SAGD)

C-FER organized a JIP to evaluate a variety of artificial lift systems for thermal operations such as SAGD.

No suitable test loop existed that could conduct the required tests. C-FER worked with a number of energy operating companies to design and build a high-temperature flow loop system as part of the JIP.

The system can simulate many aspects of thermal operating conditions.

Many unique high-temperature artificial lift systems have been evaluated under SAGD simulated conditions at operating temperatures as high as 260 °C (500 °F).

The JIP provides participants and pump vendors with detailed information on the performance of pumping systems to help refine designs and improve performance and reliability.

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