Purpose-built Engineering Software

C-FER Technologies develops specialized engineering software to assist the oil and gas industry to conduct detailed analyses of complex systems. These programs combine industry-accepted best practices with new engineering approaches to help operating companies and equipment vendors make operational and purchasing decisions. Custom laboratory and field tests are often used to develop new engineering models required for the software or to validate the software results. These software products are commercially available and are used by C-FER as consulting tools in support of larger projects for our clients.

Over 30 Years of Software Development Experience

C-FER started developing complex engineering models running Adina on Apollo work stations back in the late 1980’s. Some of these models have been improved, migrated and serve as the backbone for a few of our products in use today. Now, we use the latest tools on hand such as ASP.Net, PHP, Python, R and Azure cloud services. We strive to maintain our user experience when migrating our intellectual property to new technology platforms.


The Industry Standard

Pipeline Integrity Management

Formerly CalTran

Assess Electric Submersible Pump Equipment Deflection and the Effects of Curvature on Reliability

Track and Analyze Artifiical Lift Equipment Failure Data


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