Quality Requires Craft and Understanding Requires Experience

Clear visibility to operating data is vital to communicating potential performance, health, and hazardous conditions with your assets.  But where visibility does not exist, the path to it is often complex as it can span multiple systems, software’s, people, and technologies.  Integrators bring these components together, creating elegant solutions to complex problems.

Solutions that deliver concise and actionable data to you, supported through:

  • Agile, multi-disciplined teams with depth of knowledge and broad industry experience
  • High-fidelity fit-for-purpose systems
  • Automation and analytics
  • Rich contextual data with documented traceability
  • System maintenance, support and calibration services

The use of data driven optimization continues to grow both simpler and more complex.  The ease of data creation and access is accelerating but often at the cost of data quality.  As assets and processes have grown increasingly coupled, margins have narrowed and approaches have had to evolve.  But data quality still matters, now more than ever.

We want to help.

Skilled Integration of Measurements and Engineering Leads to Relevant, High Quality Data

Real-world data assesses real-world performance.

Developers, owners, and operators have a mandate to ensure assets are performing safely and efficiently in evolving, low cost environments.  Data driven optimization is moving these initiatives forward.  C-FER applies our experience in measurements and engineering to offer intelligent edge solutions.  These solutions connect your assets and your initiatives in your facilities.

Our Services

  • Measurements as a Service
    • Load, strain, pressure, temperature, displacement, level, flow, angular, acceleration, electrical
  • Laboratory Grade, Intelligent and Ruggedized Hardware Platforms
  • Automated Function Testing Equipment and Systems
  • Architecture & Interface Design, Application Development, Testing and Maintenance, Code Review
  • Hourly Consulting – Multifunction Data Acquisition, Embedded and Wireless Systems, HMIs, Industrial Communication Buses (Modbus, Serial), Solidworks, NI LabVIEW, FPGA, Real-Time and DIAdem. Further experience with C++, C#, VB6, VBA, DirectX, SQL, XML, HTML, Java, VBScript, .NET.


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