C-FER Technologies works with operating companies to push the limits of current engineering constraints to improve performance in existing assets, and to develop challenging new resources.

Using applied research and development, and the latest analysis methods and testing systems, C-FER is helping operators:

  • Optimize their operations by identifying and implementing the best technologies and procedures;
  • Track their performance and understand the factors that affect their operations;
  • Manage their risk through identifying and evaluating the best risk-reduction options;
  • Simulate environments in C-FER’s full-scale testing facilities to improve their equipment performance before going into the field;
  • Investigate and analyze failures to ensure failures don’t happen again; and
  • Qualify designs and choose the best equipment for their application.

C-FER’s Edmonton facilities are unique, world-class full-scale testing laboratories that can simulate almost any operating environment.

C-FER Overview

External Leak Detection

Torsion Testing Unit

High Temperature Flow Loop

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