Equipment Maintenance is Expensive, but Equipment Failures are Worse

Asset condition monitoring and contextual data increases the understanding of your operations.  These support visibility and insight into:

  • Improved operational safety;
  • Timely, informed decisions to reduce failures;
  • Optimized maintenance costs and schedules; and
  • Increased asset life span

And with increasingly rigorous regulatory requirements and accelerated asset cycles, high-quality real-world operating data is rapidly becoming the ‘next’ advantage.  But as the coupling and complexity of operations increase, legacy assets and effective monitoring solutions can become a challenge.

We want to help.

Supporting In-situ Asset Monitoring, Data Collection and Analysis

The Field is not The Lab.  It is not climate controlled.  It is not clean.  It is not convenient.  It is not quiet, electrically, or otherwise.  But it is where failures occur.

Environments affect measurements.  Experience counters environments.

Simulation of real-world failures in a laboratory is not always possible.  Barriers exist that can include cost, complexity, capability, or a combination of all three.  C-FER Technologies brings our broad testing experience, fit-for-purpose software, and measurement application depth right to where your failures occur.

We augment your unique technical strengths with direct-to-desk field measurements and data driven analytics.  Implementing turnkey solutions using on-shelf products and established procedures, we offer quick answers to critical problems.  And if these solutions do not meet your needs, we develop new procedures, novel instruments, custom acquisition systems and creative measurement techniques.

Our Services

  • Measurement, acquisition, and analysis systems for structural, mechanical, and fluid handling equipment;
  • A wide range of measurement capabilities including: Load, strain, pressure, temperature, displacement, level, flow, and acceleration;
  • Traceable instrument calibration services;
  • Validation and bench-marking of structural, flow and process models;
  • Engineering analysis:
  • Independent field measurement system qualification
  • Non-intrusive asset and process monitoring, logging, and event notification


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