Maintenance is Expensive, but Equipment Failures are Worse

Asset condition monitoring can help to lower costs and prevent equipment failures. The resulting data collection supports:

  • Timely, informed decisions to reduce failures;
  • Optimized maintenance costs;
  • Increased life span of assets; and
  • Improved the safety of operations.

Implementing monitoring solutions is not always straight forward. This can involve using commercial off-the-shelf products to get the right data quickly or the development of custom solutions to address issues critical to your operations. We can help you look at each situation and direct you to a solution that fits your business’ need.

Supporting In-situ Asset Monitoring, Data Collection and Analysis

Real-world challenges can’t always be simulated or recreated in a lab. Testing can be too costly, too complex or the capability doesn’t exist. We bring our testing experience, and advanced software and measurement acquisition capabilities out of the lab and onto your site to provide you with access to in-situ data.

We work with your technical experts to fill-in the gaps related to equipment monitoring technology and techniques. Depending on the level of our client’s in-house expertise, we may provide full-service turnkey solutions or support them in building their own capabilities.

A powerful resource for improving your profitability and safety

We help you increase profits and safety by reducing the risk of equipment failures. Implementing the right technology based on experience and industry expertise, we can improve your confidence when making decisions that rely on high quality data.

Our services include:

  • Custom measurement, acquisition & analysis systems for structural, mechanical & fluid handling equipment;
  • Measuring load, strain, pressure, temperature, displacement, level, flow, acceleration;
  • Measurement validation and instrumentation calibration;
  • Validation and benchmarking of structural, flow and process models;
  • Engineering analysis:
    • Computational fluid dynamics (CFD)
    • Finite element analysis (FEA)
    • Reliability-based assessment; and
    • Data analytics; and
  • Failure Investigations.

What about lab testing?

Lab testing can add real value to asset monitoring and process optimization. In some cases, the results of in-situ process evaluation or monitoring are unknown and can pose a significant safety and/or financial risk. C-FER operates two large test facilities that can support the monitoring and testing of equipment in a safe controlled environment.

Environmental and Asset Condition Monitoring

  • Static and dynamic strain and crack propagation measurements for equipment fatigue failure monitoring
  • Non-intrusive equipment & process operation monitoring including logging with event alerts
  • Vibration and acoustics acquisition, processing, logging and event alerts
  • Image acquisition and transmission on alarm condition
  • Independent field measurement system qualification


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