Are You Looking to Implement New Technologies or Processes but Are Unsure of How They will Actually Impact Your Operations?

Operating companies are constantly exploring ways to make their operations more efficient by reducing energy inputs, increasing equipment reliability and maximizing throughput. Various equipment vendors offer solutions to these challenges; however, it is often difficult to evaluate whether a technology is appropriate for a specific application or how much of an impact it might have on the operation.

Providing Independent Advice and Insight to Enhance Positive Outcomes for Both Vendors and Operators

C-FER Technologies helps operating companies identify and assess technologies and processes that have the potential to improve efficiency. These assessments include computer modeling of the process, reviews of technologies from other industries, full-scale testing to verify the equipment vendor’s claims, and design and monitoring of pilot installations to validate performance and quantify the impact of the new equipment.

The results of these assessments provide a better understanding of how the technology can be implemented by the operating company. In addition, vendors use the results of the assessment to develop new, purpose-built products and new engineering models for the operating companies to help select and operate the equipment efficiently.

Helping Companies Work Together by Sharing Data and Experience

In some cases, Joint Industry Projects are formed to share equipment performance data among operating companies from around the world. The amalgamated data set helps operating companies benchmark their performance against industry norms and provides an opportunity to learn best practices in equipment selection and operation.


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