Developing New Test Procedure Standards

We work with industry to develop new testing procedures. These procedures can address new technical challenges or regulations.

Operators and equipment suppliers can use these procedures to compare product performance. Industry also sometimes decides that these procedures should be made more broadly available. In these cases, the procedure can be formalized through an industry organization or committee. The result can be a new guideline, industry recommended practice or standard.

We volunteer on industry committees tasked with developing and updating industry standards. We contribute our industry knowledge and testing expertise. This ensures that the testing procedures are practical to follow and provide the results required by the manufacturers and end users.

We have contributed to guidelines, recommended practices and standards through the following organizations:

  • American Petroleum Institute;
  • Canadian Standards Association;
  • International Organization for Standardization;
  • National Institute of Standards and Technology;
  • Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration; and
  • Pipeline Research Council International.

Providing Third-party Witnessing Services

For some international standards, tests must be witnessed by an independent observer to verify that the test procedure is executed correctly. We are well positioned to provide this service for testing programs in other facilities:

  • We are independent and government-owned.
  • We do not sell commercial equipment products that might compete with products being tested.
  • We have Professional Engineers and Certified Technologists with extensive testing experience.
  • We have worked with a variety of industry standards and certifying bodies.

Services can include:

  • Review test procedures, specimen preparation, instrumentation plan, functionality of the test setup and design of safety systems;
  • Observe execution of testing plans;
  • Verify measurements and observations;
  • Review data processing and reporting procedures; and
  • Review conclusions and recommendations.

C-FER also provides full-scale Standards Qualification Testing services


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