C-FER Technologies is Built on Safety

Our mission is to “advance safety, environmental performance and efficiency in the energy industry.” A key part of our purpose is to improve safety outside of our walls.

Improving industry safety starts with each of our employees making a conscious commitment to safety at C-FER Technologies every day. This is supported by a Management that fosters a robust safety culture.

C-FER participates in the Alberta Certificate of Recognition (COR) Program. A COR is awarded to employers who develop health and safety programs that meet established standards.

As part of this program, we conduct regular external audits of our safety system. This helps us with continuous safety improvement. We also ask our employees, clients, subcontractors, and suppliers to participate in identifying safer ways to operate while on-site.

We have a vibrant and active Safety Committee that reviews past safety performance, including incidents, and near-misses. The Committee explores how we can improve our processes and systems.

Our active Emergency Response Team is trained in first aid, pre-hospital care and rescue services. Members of our Safety Committee and Emergency Response Team are from all levels of the organization, including our Senior Leadership Team.

We welcome working with clients and prospective clients to meet specific safety standards and protocols they may have.

For example, multi-national oil and gas operating companies have audited our safety system to ensure that we are consistent with their operations. We also share our approach to safety with other companies in our community to help them implement new safety practices in their organizations.

C-FER is built on safety. When we work together, we positively impact the safety of our co-workers, families, clients, and industry every day.


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