Opportunities in Geothermal

In 2015, the Paris Agreement was adopted by nearly 200 countries to tackle climate change and its negative impacts by reducing greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to global warming.

Increasingly, renewables are becoming part of the climate solution.

Geothermal energy offers rapid improvement in energy efficiency; activity and support for geothermal energy in Canada is increasing.

Geothermal Anywhere

Enhanced Geothermal Systems (EGS) have the potential to be developed anywhere in the world. Learn more about how C-FER is helping industry develop EGS processes.

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C-FER’s Role in Geothermal

C-FER Technologies has over 33 years of experience in oil and gas. This experience can be applied to help geothermal operators with similar challenges find the best solutions. In addition, our experience doing third-party independent reviews can help the geothermal industry validate technologies, concepts and models.

We use a combination of numerical and testing capabilities that can be brought together to do unique projects.

Our analysis capabilities include:

Our testing capabilities include conducting full-scale qualification testing programs at high flow rate, high pressure, high temperature, and high load conditions as well as sour-service environments. Examples include testing of:

Applying C-FER’s Expertise

Oilfield Technologies and Methods

  • Assess and implement oilfield technologies in geothermal wells
  • Modify oilfield technologies for geothermal wells
  • Assist operators with flow assurance issues through material testing, reliability analysis, accelerated aging testing, flow loop testing, chemical analysis, scale and corrosion management

Well Design

  • Design custom well completions  to optimize well performance
  • Reduce costs and increase production efficiency
  • Demonstrate concepts/technologies and their impact on technical feasibility and economics of EGS
  • Select the appropriate well equipment and operating procedures that balance reliability, performance and cost
  • Understand the considerations, key factors, industry guidelines and practices, examples and field experience related to the design and integrity of geothermal wells

Bringing the Geothermal Industry Together through Joint Industry Projects

C-FER also has a reputation of bringing industry together through Joint Industry Projects (JIPs). This experience can be used to assess performance and reliability of systems under real multi-phase and high-temperature conditions before a field pilot.

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Visit our joint industry projects page to learn more about our experience running JIPs.

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