Have Confidence in Your Data

Safe operations, regulatory compliance, and performance metrics all require quality measurements.  From the perspective of your data, it begins at the sensor.  Professional calibration services are the first step, providing:

  • Traceable Reference Standards
  • Documented Procedures
  • Environmentally Controlled Calibration Facilities
  • Operationally Sensitive Turnaround Times

With a growing importance of ensuring performance and mitigating risk, confidence in your visibility is key.  Over time errors can occur due to operating conditions causing sensor damage and signal drift.  Errors that may not initially be apparent.  Sensors are assets.  Assets require maintenance.

We want to help.

Measurements are a High Value Investment. The Stories They Tell Should be Correct.

Asset visibility and performance metrics are only as correct as the sensors supplying the data, and impossible to achieve if sensors are offline.  You need correct data, data that is accurate, precise, repeatable, traceable and auditable.  When companies build their operational insights, develop their digital twin models, train their process algorithms, and make their operational decisions based on low quality data, a ripple effect of poor decisions becomes inevitable.

As an independent test facility with a broad understanding of our partner’s unique business challenges, C-FER supports your efforts in improving measurement confidence and returns on sensor investments.

To help you achieve data confidence, C-FER offers a range of sensor calibration services.  Our qualifications use recognized procedures or tailored programs that address specific aspects of your technology or environment.  With traceable standards and metrology software, we use our experience and understanding to apply the right approach to your application.

Our Services

  • Force – 500 to 3M lbs. – 226 to 1.36M Kg
  • Pressure – 5 to 20000 psig – 34 to 138000 kPa
  • Displacement – 0 to 30 inch – 0 to 0.762 m
  • Temperature – -13°F to 1220°F – -25°C to 660°C
  • Angular – ±45°
  • Data Acquisition Systems & Signal Conditioners
  • Electrical
    • Voltage – 0 to 1100V (DC or AC)
    • Current – 0 to 3.0A (DC or AC)
    • Resistance – 1Ω to 100MΩ + Short
    • Frequency – 10Hz to 1.2MHz


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