Our employees tell us that C-FER Technologies is a great place to work. We asked “Why?” What sets us apart from other companies is our culture, and here are a few examples of philosophies and programs that contribute to that.

The work we do is interesting, diverse and technically challenging. No two days are alike. Not to mention that we get to rub shoulders with some leading industry experts. We work with various clients in the energy industry, from Canadian small and medium enterprises to companies recognized globally.

We attract naturally-driven and ambitious candidates who are likely interested in continuous personal growth and development. Some of the ways we offer this include:

  • Collaborating with different departments to gain a broader understanding of the work that we do;
  • Presenting a paper at a conference;
  • Taking an external course to give you the tools to do your job well; and/or
  • Applying internally for partially subsidized programs, should your area of interest align with our strategy.

In addition, C-FER’s Rewards and Recognition Program provides all kinds of ways to be recognized, including peer-to-peer and team recognition.

For C-FER, it’s not just about the outcome of your work, but also about how you reach those results. Our values guide how we work together and are the basis of everything we do.

Working Environment

We promote a flexible environment. We recognize that our employees are individuals with different needs, and we strive to help them balance their work and life.

Examples of this include:

  • Taking a professional development class during regular work hours for a semester;
  • Returning from maternity or paternity leave, and requiring additional flexibility while adjusting to new family commitments; and
  • Temporarily adjusting working hours to transport an aging parent to their daily appointments.

We work with our employees to come up with a solution that works for everyone.

We Encourage

  • Safety as a first priority
  • Open and transparent communication
  • Seeing challenges as opportunities
  • Teamwork to achieve corporate and personal goals
  • Proactively seeking and providing candid, constructive feedback

Community Involvement and Social Activities

C-FER prides itself on our efforts to ‘give back.’ Some may call it community engagement, others may call it social responsibility. At C-FER, we call it community involvement.

Some examples include:

  • United Way;
  • Engineering Day of Caring;
  • Habitat for Humanity;
  • Canadian Blood Services Blood Drives;
  • Elementary soccer team funding; and
  • Volunteering at a school weekly to serve food to elementary and junior high school students in need.

Then there are the social activities.

At C-FER, we work hard…and we like to recognize that hard work by providing social opportunities to have fun and connect with our colleagues – we’ve included pictures to demonstrate our social opportunities in action!

Social Events

  • Stress Management Seminars
    • Enjoy refreshments and munchies with coworkers
  • Corporate Challenge participation
  • Annual golf tournament
  • Formal staff and informal family events


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