PCP Run-Life Improvement JIP

PCP RLI JIP is a collaborative effort for over two decades, by PCP operators and C-FER Technologies to improve
PCP run-life and reduce the number of workovers.

Join other industry leaders to improve your run-life today.

Project Segments

Project Segment Information



  • Secure online PCP technical discussion forums

  • Unique PCP failure type information

  • Access over 100 technical articles

  • Updates on PCP papers and vendor equipment

Project Segment Data Analysis

Data Analysis


  • JIP installation database

  • Annual benchmarking analysis reports

  • Software tools and data analysis support

  • Customized reliability data analysis training

Project Segment Data Prognostics


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  • Technical research on key failure mechanisms

  • Development of key damage models

  • Access to PCP Prognostics Model

  • Operations and tool integration support


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