Incident Investigation and Litigation Support

We are an independent engineering consulting firm that provides incident investigation services that combine engineering analysis with full-scale reconstruction of incidents. We work with operating companies to understand the root causes of incidents. We help develop equipment and procedures to reduce the likelihood that the incident will be repeated. Where the incident investigation is part of legal proceedings, we provide opinions and testimony as expert witnesses.

Incident Investigations – Combining Analysis, Large-scale Testing and Field Measurements

We analyze industrial incidents using a variety of modelling techniques:

  • Structural integrity modelling using finite element analysis (FEA);
  • Flow and heat transfer modelling using computational fluid dynamics (CFD); and
  • Reliability and risk modelling using quantitative risk analysis (QRA).

We reconstruct industrial incidents in our full-scale testing laboratories. This can include:

  • Testing material and component performance under conditions that led to the incident;
  • Evaluating how different operating procedures might have contributed to the incident; and
  • Validating the performance of safety devices and barriers in emergency situations.

We provide independent measurements and monitoring in the field to characterize conditions at the time of the incident. This can include:

  • Documenting normal operating conditions and conditions at the time of the incident;
  • Monitoring machine status to determine the condition of similar equipment; and
  • Reviewing service and maintenance records.

Patent Disputes – Sorting out the Important Points

We use modelling and full-scale testing to support our opinions and demonstrate the differences or similarities between technologies that are under dispute.

We provide support in patent disputes including:

  • Identifying the essential elements of the patent;
  • Summarizing the prior art, including the patent record and industry experience; and
  • Reviewing allegedly infringing technologies.


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