C-FER offers in-house training on the following topics related to Well Xplore:

Wellbore Tubular Deformations: Characterization using Well Xplore

This hands-on course will provide attendees with an overview of wellbore tubular deformation modes. Various wellbore applications (enhanced recovery, thermal, CHOPS and cavern storage) will be reviewed, along with an overview of some of the deformation mechanisms (permafrost thaw, salt creep and formation movement) and impacts on well integrity. Emphasis will be on the use of C-FER’s Multifinger Caliper (“MFC”) analysis software (Well XploreTM) to identify and characterize such deformations.

On-demand: What’s That Tight Spot: Multi-finger Caliper Deformation Analysis

The recording of this webinar is now available on-demand. In the video, we cover topics such as:

  • Deformations – The “Tight Spot” – what is the “Tight Spot,” Causes and why diagnosis is important
  • Tubular Deformations: Varieties and Root Causes
  • Using Multi-Finger Caliper Data to Diagnose and Quantify Deformations
  • Deformation Case Histories & Simulations

This webinar is intended for well integrity, completion and production engineers in oil and gas and cavern storage companies, the staff of logging service companies, and related equipment manufacturers.

Upcoming WellXplore Training

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