Online Interactive PC-PUMP Course

Wellbore Geometry

Learn to visualize and analyze your wellbore in 3D

Learn to use the PCP industry premier design tools

PCP Analysis

Learn to understand and interpret analysis


This online course will cover how to effectively use the PC-PUMP® software to optimize both the production and run-life performance of your PCP systems.  Basic PCP theory will be introduced at the start of each session to lay a foundation for learning how to design and optimize your PCP system using the industry’s standard software, PC-PUMP.  Discover for yourself why major vendors and operators trust PC-PUMP.

Course Content:

  • Introduction to key PCP system components and operational theory;
  • Design and optimization of downhole PCP systems for different challenges using PC-PUMP, including CSG wells, gassy wells, viscous wells
    and horizontal/deviated wells; and
  • Interpretation and understanding of analysis results from PC-PUMP to allow for quickly optimizing PCP system designs.

Course Length:

4 – 5 days

  • Daily – 2 hr PC-PUMP interactive session + 1 hr additional QA session

Who Should Attend

This course has been developed for personnel who deal with the design and operation of downhole PCP systems. This includes:

  • Production and application engineers
  • Completion and production technologists
  • Staff of equipment manufacturers and vendors

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