Artificial Lift - Heavy Oil

We are proud to be presenting the following three papers at the Society of Petroleum Engineers 2018 Artificial Lift Conference:

  • One Company’s Experience using Metal to Metal PCPs as the Primary Lift Method in a SAGD Operation. In partnership with PetroChina Canada, C-FER’s John Sheldon is presenting the paper on August 29, 2018 at 10:30 am in room Waterway 4.
  • Identifying Analogue Fields in PCP Applications using Classification Trees.  John Sheldon, Francisco Alhanati and Paul Skoczylas are...

Track supporting documents such as tear-down reports and images in the software and associate with them the installation information.

Document support and tracking




Qualification Routines

Qualification routines are embedded in the software and identify data that is incorrect or inconsistent.

Qualification routines



Run-Life Xplore (RLX) helps companies investigate equipment run-life challenges by leveraging available in-house data and industry standards and best practices.

RLX was developed by C-FER based on 20 years of combined experience providing failure data tracking, qualification and analysis tools and services to ESP and PCP operators in two major Joint Industry Projects (JIP):

RLX Features

RLX includes a number of features to assist users in investigating equipment run...

The software lists information on identifying failure mechanisms and their contributing factors to help users understand failures.

Additional information on potential mitigating actions that can be taken to prevent the failure from reoccurring is available through membership in the RIFTS Joint Industry Project.

RLX failure mechanism details



Industry Best Practices

The software incorporates industry failure nomenclature standards that ensure that failure data is tracked properly.

Download the nomenclature standards:


The RLX database enables users to capture:

  • Well and Field Data
  • Equipment Data
  • Runtime Data
  • Production Data
  • Fluid and Reservoir Data
  • Failure Data

The software database is specifically designed for capturing artificial lift equipment run-life data.

Specialized database

Data analysis tools are available in the software for performing detailed equipment reliability and economic analyses.

Charts can be copied into internal documents and reports.

Data analysis diagram





Progressing cavity pumps (PCPs) have proven to be a successful and reliable artificial lift system for production of heavy oil reservoirs over the past few decades. The application of PCP technology for production of oil wells in general continues to expand rapidly due to ongoing advances in versatility, production rate and lift capacity,durability, and economy. As a result, the application envelope for PCP systems has grown substantially to the point where these systems now...


This paper describes a systematic assessment artificial lift method for a heavy oil development in Kuwait. The main recovery strategies taht were being cosnidred for the development consisted of different sequencing of primary production, cyclic steam stimulation and steam flooding, with both vertical and horizontal wells.

In 2007, Kuwait Oil Company drilled five vertical wells in their heavy oil fields, as a precursor to the full field development planned in the coming years. These...