Lab Strong Floor

Strong Floor

C-FER Technologies’ laboratory contains a high capacity multi-use reaction floor that measures 22 m (72 ft) x  12 m (40 ft). The floor is 0.9 m (3 ft) thick with through holes every 0.6 m (2 ft). The holes allow for anchoring of equipment in multiple configurations. The floor is steel reinforced concrete which allows for the application of up to 4 MN (1 M) of load.

Strong Wall

Strong Wall

Adjacent to the Strong Floor there is a buttressed multi-directional reaction wall  that measures 15 m (50 ft) long × 6 m (20 ft) high for application of multi-directional loading. The Strong Floor and Strong Wall can accommodate structures up to 12 m high with  1,300 tie‑down locations and is serviced by overhead travelling cranes (15 and 22 tonne capacities).

Mechano Columns in Lab

Mechano Columns

Custom-designed Mechano Columns can be used to build supporting structures on the Strong Floor and Strong Wall. These have been used in complex test set-ups where both axial load and bending are required.


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