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PC-PUMP Analysis Tools

PC-PUMP® offers a wide variety of analysis tools to evaluate and measure the performance of your downhole system. In addition to ensuring the pump is adequately sized for pressure and volume, the software checks rod loads to ensure the rods have sufficient strength for the application, calculates side loading, assesses tubing wear and estimates fatigue life.

Important calculated variables include:

  • Pump intake and discharge pressures
  • Pump pressure loading (as % of rated pressure)
  • Hydrostatic head and flow losses
  • Maximum rod torque and axial load
  • Effective rod stress (as % of yield)
  • Maximum rod/tubing contact load
  • Energy costs and system efficiency
  • System input power & prime mover output power

A series of advanced windows are also available to provide more detailed information.

 PC-PUMP Analysis Tools - Results Summary

PC-PUMP Analysis - Basic Fluid Flow

PC-PUMP Analysis - Rod Loading/Deflection

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