Integration of control and data acquisition  in a full scale testing environment

To execute projects involving full scale testing in C-FER’s two testing facilities, C-FER uses LABView® for programming it’s test automation routines.  Our custom programmed LabDAS allows for integrated data acquisition and test automation control simultaneously. Instrument feedback can be programmed to control various parameters during testing. This can range from automatic shutdown in the case of an overload conditions, load ramping or profiling and simultaneous multi conditional controls such as pressure, temperature and axial loading.

Our LabDAS has been customized to provide integration for the following:

Automated data acquisition & control


Automated Control

  • Overload limit control
  • Multi condition control
  • 24 hrs call out

Data Acquisition

  • Pressure
  • Temperature
  • Axial Load
  • Strain
  • Network, wireless and cloud


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