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Run-Life Xplore Version 3.2.5

C-FER is pleased to announce the release of an update to Run-Life Xplore. Run-Life Xplore v3.2.5 has the following additions over Run-Life Xplore v3.2.4:

  • Failure Nomenclature Standard Updates. The RLX failure nomenclature for ESP and PCP Systems was updated with changes to the Failure Nomenclature Standard.
  • Data Interaction Improvements. C-FER has continued working on updating RLX to improve user interaction with data.
  • Warning Message Addition. A warning is displayed if a file previously saved in a newer version in RLX is opened in an older version of RLX.
  • Minor Bug Fixes. Several minor RLX software bugs have been fixed in v3.2.5.

Previous Versions:

Version 3.2.4

Version 3.2.3


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