Qualify, Analyze, Report

Track equipment run-life data and conduct advanced analyses with confidence using Run-Life Xplore.


Qualify Data

Guarantee analysis accuracy by running RLX’s integrated data qualification routines

Analyze Run-Life

Evaluate which operational practices and equipment provide the highest reliability

Report Performance

Report key performance indicators (KPIs) for your assets with consistency and confidence


PC PUMP Evaluate

Industry Data Standards
Failure tracking structure and nomenclature based on ISO and API Standards

Customizable analysis dashboard for run-life tracking and reporting

PC PUMP Equipment Database

Licence Options
Select between local or network licence options to best facilitate your needs

File Management
Upload and save related files, such as teardown reports, with your data records

PC PUMP Dedicated Team

User Technical Support
Dedicated team to help you troubleshoot and improve the software to serve you better

Setup Support
Dedicated team to assist in getting you up and running with your new RLX licence


  • Access to the ESP or PCP database

  • Data qualification routines

  • Data tracking and analysis tools

  • Training and analysis support

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