Upcoming PC-PUMP Training

To support PC-PUMP users we conduct a number of public courses. We can also provide customized private training.

Available PC-PUMP Courses

Online Introduction to PC‑PUMP Design and Optimization

Learn how to effectively utilize PC-PUMP to optimize both the production and run-life performance of your PCP system.

ePoster Risk Ranking Thermal Wells

PCP Reliability Theory and Data Analysis

Understanding key equipment reliability theory, common industry run-life measures and best practices for collecting and analyzing run-life data.

PCP System Design and Performance Optimization

A comprehensive course on the design and optimization of PCP systems and PC-PUMP software.

C-FER offers a suite of software products and training in addition to PC-PUMP. A complete list of all opportunities can be found on C-FER’s Training page


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If you are interested in our engineering or testing services, want a demo of a software product, want to join a joint industry project, or are interested in a training course, we want to connect with you.

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