Design With Confidence

With PC-PUMP, you and your company will have the ability to design, troubleshoot
and optimize the production and run-life of your wells.

Extensive Design Tools

Wellbore Geometry

3D Wellbore Geometry

View your pump setting depth, mid-perforation location and dogleg severity in a custom 3D visualization of your wellbore geometry

Surface Driven System Design

Design a surface driven PCP system with the latest surface drives, pumps, tubing, rods, guides and couplings in the PCP market

ESPCP and GCP Design

Design an Electric Submersible PCP and Gear Centrifugal Pump system with the latest ESPCP and GCP equipment

Diluent Injection

Specify the placement of an injection tube and diluent properties to simulate the benefits and effects of diluent injection

In-Depth Analysis Tools

PCP Analysis

Detailed System Analysis

System analysis of your surface and downhole equipment and power consumption. Receive design notification in the summary and output messages.

Run-Life Analysis

Predict the run-life of your rod string and tubing for several different load fluctuation periods and sand flow rates

Batch Analysis

Analyze multiple scenarios while manipulating one or more variables with ease

Backspin Analysis

Analyze the safety of your surface drivehead system to mitigate incidents

Intuitive System Optimization

Inflow Optimization

Input current and historical well data to optimize and match pump speeds to the well inflow rates

Scenario Comparison

View a summary of multiple design scenarios and key parameters to select the optimal design for your well conditions

Add-On Modules

Enhance your PC-PUMP experience with these additional modules

Language Module

With language modules you can run PC-PUMP with multi-language functionality. Each language module only covers the functionality for one specific language.

Languages offered are:




AMPCP Wear Module

Analyze, troubleshoot and optimize your AMPCP design in three simple steps:

  1. Select the right pump for the job – Before you run your pump, check that the vendor gave you the pump that actually meets your specifications
  2. Predict when the pump fails – Combined with preliminary downhole data, be able to predict when your pump fails before you start running and adjust as conditions change
  3. Optimize pump speed – Achieve the desired flow rate while optimizing overall run-life

API Module

Utilize PC-PUMPs extensive database, in-depth design and analysis tools with your company’s design software.

Our Application Programming Interface, will link with your software and provide you with the benefits of PC-PUMP, without having to install or learn a separate software.

Select between either our Base or Complete API Modules. Contact us for more details.

Reach out today for more information on our features, add-on modules or to request a demo.


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