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2808, 2019

How Flow Control Devices May Benefit Geothermal Applications

August 28, 2019|

This year, C-FER Technologies will be presenting a paper entitled - "An Introduction to Flow Control Devices and the Potential Benefits to Geothermal Applications". Geothermal operators face several significant challenges in creating and maintaining optimal production from their wells. One of these challenges is the uniform distribution of both injected and produced fluid to and from the reservoir. Preferential production of fluid from one zone of a reservoir can result in thermal drawdown, reducing the temperature of the produced fluid. Additionally, the formation of direct pathways between injection and production wells, commonly referred to [...]

2708, 2019

How a New FCD Can Optimize Thermal SAGD Operations

August 27, 2019|

As part of a Joint Industry Project focused on studying flow control devices (FCDs) for steam assisted gravity drainage (SAGD) operations, a new device was investigated that inhibits the influx of steam while allowing the flow of emulsion into a production well. This new device was tested in C-FER Technologies' laboratory using a high-temperature, multi-phase FCD flow loop and a three-phase FCD erosion loop, and in the field at Cenovus and Suncor sites. Details of the test program and the performance results of the new FCD device are presented in a paper co-authored by [...]

2608, 2019

How to Use Fibre-optic Sensors to Validate FCD Performance

August 26, 2019|

As part of a Joint Industry Project focused on optimizing flow control device (FCD) design and selection, fibre-optic based instrumentation was deployed in FCD-equipped steam assisted gravity drainage (SAGD) producer wells to collect distributed temperature and acoustic sensing data to better understand the fluid inflow distribution. In addition, acoustic instrumentation was installed in parallel with a high temperature, multiphase flow loop located at C-FER Technologies to try and better understand the correlation between an FCD’s operating condition and its measured acoustic response. Details of the test program, including observations from the laboratory and field [...]

2903, 2019

How to Manage Circumferential Cracking in Pipelines

March 29, 2019|

Management of circumferential cracks in pipelines has been a secondary concern to axial cracks, and integrity assessment techniques are not as mature as those available for axial cracks or those from other industries. In order to give industry members an opportunity to share their experiences and learn from other’s successes and failures, Mark Stephens of C-FER Technologies, together with Lyndon Lamborn of Enbridge and Elvis SanJuan of Riverol, will be leading a work group session on circumferential crack management at the Banff Pipeline Workshop. Discussion is anticipated regarding construction weld quality control, integrity assessment [...]

1403, 2019

New Version of Well Xplore Released

March 14, 2019|

C-FER Technologies is pleased to announce the release of a new version of Well Xplore Software. New features of Well Xplore v1.4 include: Import wells, logs, and pads into new and existing Well Xplore files; Nominal inner and outer diameter are now overlaid on the cross-section view; Quickly delete a log – no more simultaneous loading while deleting; and Improved SQL database compatibility: Solved crash issues when sharing files between systems with different versions of SQL server.

903, 2019

What May Be Changing in Annex B of CSA Z662-2023?

March 9, 2019|

CSA Z662 is the Canadian standard for oil and gas pipeline systems, with Annex B specifically focusing on how to perform risk assessments for pipelines. Annex B is currently under review by the Risk Management Task Force and will likely be undergoing significant changes in 2023 to include more guidance on performing risk assessments and quantitative risk criteria for both natural gas and liquid pipelines. Task Force Chair Maher Nessim, and Task Force work group leaders Mark Stephens of C-FER Technologies and Shahani Kariyawasam of TransCanada, will be leading a work group session at [...]

2002, 2019

New Version of PC-PUMP Features Rod String Additions, AMPCP Wear Prediction and More.

February 20, 2019|

PC-PUMP ® v3.7.3 has the following additions: Minor Bug Fixes: some minor PC-PUMP software bugs have been fixed in v3.7.3. These fixes improve the integrity and usability of PC-PUMP by removing bugs that could potentially cause unexpected behaviour in the software. Windows 10 Improvements: we have been working to improve the appearance of PC-PUMP in Windows 10 over the last few versions. In v3.7.3, all of the main input and output windows have now been updated to the new format. We will continue to work on some of the lesser-used windows. Production Data Analysis: [...]

1402, 2019

How to Assess Corrosion with Reliability-based Criteria

February 14, 2019|

Reliability-based limit state design and assessment corrosion criteria have been developed as part of a joint industry project to optimize corrosion mitigation for vintage pipelines. The criteria is calibrated to meet specific reliability targets within a certain tolerance, but does not require probabilistic calculations for application. Comparison of the criteria with the CSA Z662 and TransCanada’s in-house reliability-based criteria was undertaken to evaluate the performance of the criteria. Dr. Dongliang Lu is presenting the results of this project at the upcoming Pipeline Pigging and Integrity Management Conference in Houston, Texas on February 21, 2019 [...]

1402, 2019

How to Evaluate and Verify External Leak Detection Systems

February 14, 2019|

A leak detection evaluation framework for onshore transmission pipelines has been developed in conjunction with PHMSA. The framework is to be used by pipeline operators to evaluate and verify leak detection systems that operate external to the pipeline, specifically those with the ability to detect small leaks. In addition to developing the framework, we have shown how the framework can be used through a demonstration exercise. The exercise involved assessing the ability of candidate technologies to meet specific performance requirements. Mr. Mathew Bussière is presenting the results of this project at the upcoming Pipeline [...]



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