Qishi Chen is a Senior Engineering Consultant in our Engineering Operations division at C FER Technologies. In this position, Qishi provides technical advice and mentorship.

In areas related to pipelines, he has expertise in:

  • Compressive strain limits for buried pipelines;
  • Seismic vulnerability assessment;
  • Reliability-based buckling and collapse models for corroded pipes;
  • Pipe-soil interaction modelling for frost heave;
  • Surface loading effect;
  • Effectiveness of mechanical damage prevention;
  • Failure consequence modelling for gas and oil pipelines;
  • Risk-based leak detection requirements; and
  • Upheaval and local buckling of composite pipes.

For many years prior to this, Qishi was the Director of the Pipelines division at C FER, leading a team of 25 engineers and technologists to deliver specialized consulting, full-scale testing and applied research services to key clients in the pipeline industry.

Qishi obtained his PhD in Civil Engineering from the University of Alberta in 1993.

When he isn’t working, Qishi loves to travel with his wife.

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