Cam Matthews has been working at C-FER Technologies since 1985 and is a C-FER Fellow. In this position, he serves as a senior technical specialist in the upstream oil and gas area and as a mentor for many of our engineers and technologists working on related projects.

Cam’s experience covers a broad range of drilling, completions and production operations and related technologies, with extensive hands-on exposure to laboratory, analytical and field investigations in these areas.

He is a recognized advisor in relation to the design and construction of thermal wells and has also established expertise related to arctic well design and integrity where permafrost thaw subsidence is a key concern.

Cam has completed many well damage and equipment failure investigations, covering a broad range of both onshore and offshore applications, and led numerous projects related to material and equipment selection, design and qualification for high pressure, high temperature wells and other challenging downhole applications.

He also organized several major Joint Industry Projects, which led to the development and commercialization of C FER’s PC-PUMP® software and training courses, hydrocyclone-based downhole oil-water separation systems and C-FER’s ongoing ESP-RIFTS industry-wide failure data tracking and sharing system.

Recent work has focused on the design, integrity and production optimization of multi-fractured horizontal wells employed in unconventional reservoirs.

Cam obtained a BSc degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Manitoba in 1979 and a MSc degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Alberta in 1982.

He holds five patents and has published and presented numerous papers. Outside work, Cam enjoys cycling, woodworking and fishing.

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