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11 03, 2020

3D Visual Image Correlation

Non-contact Strain Measurement Digital Image Correlation technology provides three-dimensional (3D) measurements of shape, global displacement and relative displacement (strain) on the surface an object using an optical method. Generally, Digital Image Correlation systems involve two or more imaging sensors (i.e. cameras) to provide sufficient information to for the software to triangulate and track objects in three dimensions. With the help of a randomized speckle pattern applied to the object’s surface, Digital Image Correlation systems can resolve displacements into continuous stress and strain measurements within the area of focus. Some of the main advantages of Digital Image Correlation [...]

18 02, 2019

Reliability-based Criteria for Corrosion Assessment

Abstract In the current era where pipeline safety is of paramount interest, optimization of corrosion mitigation for vintage pipelines has a significant effect on the industry’s management systems and related costs. To that end, reliability-based Limit State Design and assessment (LSD) corrosion criteria have been developed for onshore pipelines as part of a joint industry project. These criteria have the unique characteristic of being calibrated to meet specific reliability targets within a certain tolerance but having a deterministic format that does not require probabilistic calculations for application. The assessment criteria cover both burst and leak failure modes. Their formulations [...]

14 07, 2013

Effectiveness of Weld Buttering Repair of Externally Loaded Pressure Vessels With Corrosion Damage

Abstract General corrosion damage can significantly reduce the collapse resistance of externally loaded pressure vessels. This is a consequence of the loss of wall thickness and the associated development of high bending and membrane stresses in the corroded area. A common method used to recover wall thickness is weld buttering, whereby weld material is applied to the affected area. This method is convenient and cost-effective compared to other repair options; however, the extent to which weld-induced distortions and residual stresses counteract the reclamation of wall thickness has not been studied. In the current work, the influence of weld buttering [...]

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