The DEC was designed to evaluate the characteristics of off-shore pipe, but can be used to evaluate the integrity of equipment that is exposed to external pressure. Features of the DEC include independent control of collapse pressure and internal specimen pressure, and ability to monitor strain gauge, temperature and pressure outputs. A custom engineered door deign allows for rapid installation and removal of test specimens and assemblies. Internal video monitoring can also be set-up to allow us to visually witness test specimen failure.

System Variables Operational Specifications
Max Specimen Length 10.7 m (35 ft)
Max Specimen Diameter 1.22 m (4 ft)
Max Fluid Pressure 55 MPa (8,000 psi)
Cyclic Pressure Cell Testing Equipment

Cyclic Pressure Cell

The Cyclic Pressure Cell uses a computer controlled servo-hydraulic system, with a series of oil‑over‑water accumulators, to inject water at high rates into test specimens to simulate pressure surges and pressure fluctuations.

The rate of pressure cycling that can be achieved is a function of the size and stiffness of the specimen and the amplitude of the pressure fluctuations.

A high speed data acquisition system is used to record the pressure cycling history and to monitor strain gauges placed on the specimen and other parameters such as fluid and specimen temperature.

System Variables Operational Specifications
Max Flow Rate 500 L/min (100 gal/min)
Max Pressure 28 MPa (4,000 psi)
Max Specimen Diameter 1.2 m (48 in)
Max Specimen Length 10 m (33 ft)
Max cycle rate 20 cycle/min at  30 gal/min displacement

High Pressure / High Flow Portable Pressure Skid (Wajax)

The Wajax skid is primarily used to provide hydraulic support for our Cyclic Pressure System but it can be configured to support other testing systems as required.

System Variables Operational Specifications
Max Flow Max Pressure
Pressure 20,700 kPag (3,000 psi) 34,400 kPag (5,000 psig)
Flow Rate 380 L/min (100 gal/min) 225 L/min (60 gal/min)
Flow-Draulic Skid

Portable Pressure Skid (Flo-Draulic)

System Variables Operational Specifications
Max Flow Max Pressure
Pressure 100 kPag (15 psig) 2,684 kPag (3,000 psig)
Flow Rate 113.5 L/min (30 gal/min) 75.7 L/m (20 gal/min)

High Pressure Circulation Pump

System Variables Operational Specifications
 Max Flow (ambient) Max Pressure (-15C 60/40 e-glycol)
Inlet Pressure 0 kPag (0 psig)  13,960 kPag (2025 psig)
Outlet Pressure 0 kPag (0 psig)  14,300 kPag (2075 psig)
Flow rate 227 L/min (60 gal/min) 208 L/min (55 gal/min)
High Capacity Large Stroke Cylinder

High Capacity / Large Stroke Hydraulic Rams and Cylinders

Cylinder Operational Specifications
Push Area Pull Area Max Pressure Max Push Max Pull
72-inch stroke
2,394 cm2
(371 in2)
1,524 cm2
(236 in2)
68,948 kPag
(10,000 psig)
16,530 kN
(1,858 ton)
10,500 kN
(1,181 ton)
16-inch stroke
2,552 cm2
(395 in2)
 831 cm2
(129 in2)
68,948 kPag
(10,000 psig)
17,600 kN
(1,978 ton)
5,730 kN
(644 ton)
12-inch stroke
(qty 4)
541 cm2
(83.8 in2
1,465 cm2
(277 in2)
68,948 kPag
(10,000 psig)
3,727 kN
(419 ton)
 12,321 kN
(1,385 ton)


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