Qualify Designs

Investigating Alternative Cement

Operators and equipment vendors use C-FER’s large-scale testing lab and advanced computer modeling to qualify equipment. This includes proving the suitability of new equipment designs for an existing application or the suitability of current equipment designs pushed to operate in more harsh environments.

In many cases, standards and test procedures do not exist; therefore, C-FER works with the client to develop an evaluation approach that addresses the critical functional aspects of the equipment.

This often includes conducting preliminary computer modeling using analytical, finite element or Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) methods to identify key failure mechanisms and to aid in the design of a test setup and program to verify these failure mechanisms.

Testing programs are tailored to address specific challenges faced by the client by applying combinations of multi-axis loading, internal/external pressure, various fluids and flow, high/low temperature and harsh/corrosive environments.

Testing programs can also be applied to a broader industry need through a Joint Industry Project with multiple industry participants.

The goal of these broader projects is to compare the performance of various technologies, under a range of operating conditions, and to develop rigorous test methods that form the basis for new recommended practices and industry standards.

Addressing low temperature and permafrost challenges

Pushing the limits of downhole pumping systems

Verifying performance of completion equipment

Ensuring safety and integrity of pipelines

Supporting the push to ultra-deepwater applications

Simulating challenging operating environments

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