Data Acquisition in a full scale testing environment

To execute projects involving full scale testing in C-FER’s two testing facilities, C-FER uses LABView® for it’s data acquisition framework.  Our custom programmed LabDAS allows for a seamless integration of multiple instruments and measurement devices. This ensures a consistent method for instrument set-up and verification.  Data collection frequency is customizable to the requirements of each test.

Measurement Instruments and devices include:

  • Load Cells
  • Pressure Transducers
  • Strain Gauges
  • Accelerometers
  • Thermocouples
  • Displacement devices (lino-pots, cable pots, LVDTs)
  • Climometers

Signal Conditioning

National Instruments:

  • SCXI
  • PXIe
  • CReo


Data Acquisition in the field

For customers requiring in-situ measurements we can use a variety of mobile devices to achieve optimum  data acquisition. Depending on the application and environment in which the measurements are to be taken,  hardwired and wireless instruments can be provided. Data is usually recorded to a laptop and accessed through an ethernet or wireless network connection. Cloud services can be set-up for remote monitoring. For environments lacking access to a network connection, cellular devices can be installed.

We have extensive experience collecting field measurements for mining and oilsands heavy equipment such as:

  • Excavator boom and bucket strain
  • Critical component crack propagation
  • Conveyor system start-up strain Conveyor belt and crusher impact assessment
  • Coker lancing stress

Additional field work experience:

  • Waste water pipe strain
  • Well head leakage


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