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C-FER hosts PCP Thermal Workshop

On March 30th, C-FER Technologies hosted a PCP Thermal Workshop in Calgary, Alberta on behalf of the PCP Run-Life Improvement Joint Industry Project. The objective of the PCP Thermal Workshop was to provide a forum where experience and knowledge related to the installation and operation of all-metal PCP systems in thermal applications could be openly exchanged among attendees.

Highlights of the PCP Thermal Workshop include:

  • Presentation of the general history of all-metal PCPs from early trials to recent field deployments in Canada and around the world;
  • Development of a preliminary installation database of all-metal pumps operating in thermal applications for use in benchmarking and analyses activities;
  • Discussion of challenges associated with installing and operating all-metal pumps and current industry best practices for increasing system run-life;
  • Update from all-metal PCP manufacturers on progress in developing all-metal PCPs and other technologies for use in thermal applications.

The next PCP Thermal Workshop is tentatively planned for winter 2016. If you are interested in attending, please contact John Sheldon at for more information.

PCP Run-Life Improvement Joint Industry Project

C-FER Technologies is currently running a Progressing Cavity Pump Run-Life Improvement Joint Industry Project to help operators leverage shared PCP failure information and operational experience. The goal is to gain insight into key factors that impact PCP system run-life. Benefits to the project include:

  • Making informed decisions through analyses on a dataset of quality PCP failure information and identify opportunities to improve PCP run-life;
  • Leveraging participant experience through bi-annual steering committee meetings and technical discussions to solve operating problems and evaluate new equipment;
  • Benchmarking field performance based on over 17,000 records of PCP systems operating in similar conditions;
  • Creating economic success through increased production efficiencies and lower operating costs.

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