June 18, 2021

C-FER Technologies and OneBridge have partnered to provide pipeline integrity engineers with an automated probabilistic risk assessment solution for pipelines. This technology sharing agreement will integrate C-FER’s risk models into OneBridge’s Cognitive Integrity Management (CIM) Software-as-a-service (“SaaS”) solution.

Leveraging C-FER Risk Models with OneBridge’s Cognitive Integrity Management System

OneBridge’s CIM clients will now have the option to access C-FER’s risk models in OneBridge’s data collection systems. The integrated system provides integrity engineers with the ability to roll up, or drill down into, the information for specific pipeline segments and determine the probability of failure.

Pipeline operators can use information unique to their pipelines for more precise risk assessment. This seamless and easy to use integration allows for more accurate threat identification for the pipeline’s specific operating conditions.

Operators using the OneBridge CIM with C-FER’s risk models will be able to:

  • run situational simulations,
  • calculate risks by considering life safety, environmental and financial consequences, and;
  • develop integrity management plans to minimize risk at the lowest possible cost.

The new optional functionality includes access to two types of risk models developed by C-FER to estimate the probability of failure by small leaks, large leaks and failures.

Simplified historical-based models provide fast, approximate analysis for system-wide ranking and assessing of pipelines when no in-line inspection data is available.

Users will also have access to C-FER’s advanced reliability-based models. These structural models define the pipeline load capacity, and use probabilistic descriptions of pipeline properties, condition, and imposed loads to assess the impact of all measured defects.

Free Webinar to Learn More: Probabilistic Risk in Cognitive Integrity Management Leveraging C-FER Risk Models

OneBridge and C-FER hosted a free webinar on July 20th at 10 am CDT (9 am MDT) to share how C-FER’s risk models use probabilistic methods to estimate quantitative risk levels for major threats to the pipeline. Attendees then explored how these models are embedded into OneBridge’s CIM solution.

During the webinar, attendees learned how to leverage:

  • CIM’s advanced machine learning algorithms to verify data
  • Real-time analytical results
  • Risk for each pipeline segment, on a rolling-mile basis
  • Probability of failure across all nine pipeline threats

Watch the Replay!

About C-FER Technologies

C-FER Technologies’ mission is to advance safety, efficiency, and environmental performance in partnership with the energy industry. We do this with engineered and tested solutions that provide the information needed to make timely and informed operational decisions.

In collaboration with oil and gas pipeline operators, C-FER developed a risk calculation engine that has evolved over 25 years with input from numerous pipeline operators world-wide. The result is a suite of comprehensive quantitative system and probabilistic models that accurately estimate the extremely low probabilities and complex consequences of failure events from easily available pipeline condition and right-of-way data. Risk calculation models consider key factors including life and safety, environmental and financial, while estimating consequences related to product release ranging from small pinhole leaks to large leaks to more catastrophic pipeline ruptures.

C-FER is a not-for-profit subsidiary of Alberta Innovates. C-FER operates with a fee-for-service, self-sustaining business model and a staff of 85 people in two large-scale testing facilities in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

About OneSoft and OneBridge

OneSoft has developed software technology and products that have capability to transition legacy, on-premises licensed software applications to operate on the Microsoft [NASDAQ:MSFT] Azure Cloud Platform. Our business strategy is to seek opportunities to incorporate Data Science and Machine Learning, business intelligence and predictive analytics to create cost-efficient, subscription-based software-as-a-service solutions. Visit www.onesoft.ca for more information.

OneSoft’s wholly owned subsidiary, OneBridge Solutions Canada Inc., develops and markets revolutionary new SaaS solutions that use advanced Data Sciences and Machine Learning to analyze big data using predictive analytics to assist Oil & Gas pipeline operators to predict pipeline failures and thereby save lives, protect the environment, reduce operational costs, and address regulatory compliance requirements. Visit www.onebridgesolutions.com for more information.

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