May 14, 2021

C-FER Technologies would like to congratulate Mark Stephens on receiving PRCI’s 2021 Distinguished Researcher Award. The award recognizes individuals that have dedicated their time to enhancing the integrity, reliability and environmental performance of pipelines around the world.

Mark has been heavily involved in the development of codes and standards for industry. This includes sections of:

  • CSA Z662: Limit States Design and Risk Assessment,
  • ASME B31.85: Integrity of Gas Pipelines, and;
  • API 1163: In-line Inspection Systems Qualification.

As well, Mark has contributed over 40 research papers to various conferences and journals on topics such as:

Most recently, Mark led a two-part webinar series on the risk assessment of underground gas storage wells subject to reentry that is available on our website. Look for an article on using historical data to predict liquid pipeline spill volumes in World Pipelines at the end of May, 2021.

As a Senior Engineering Consultant and C-FER’s Chief Engineer, Mark provides direction to C-FER’s professional engineers and is responsible for our professional management program. He has over 30 years’ experience in the areas of:

  • Structural analysis,
  • Large-scale testing, and
  • Engineering system risk and reliability.

Congratulations to Mark on this prestigious award!

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