January 11, 2021

C-FER Technologies and Allied Engineers are partnering to provide a Pipeline Integrity Management System (PIMS) to India’s Oil and Natural Gas Corporation (ONGC). The project brings together Allied Engineers’ pipeline integrity and management expertise with C-FER’s PIRAMID risk assessment software to analyze ONGC’s pipeline data conduct risk assessments and integrate the system into an easy to use portal for managing the integrity of the pipelines.

PIRAMID Integration Into a Centralized Integrity Management System

The integrated PIMS will be capable of managing ONGC’s entire pipeline integrity process from data collection at construction stage to integrity analysis and maintenance planning, with Geographic Information System (GIS) integration to produce insightful data visualizations.

The PIMS will connect to the quantitative risk models in C-FER’s PIRAMID software to:

  • Identify threats to the pipeline,
  • Run situational simulations,
  • Calculate risks by considering life safety, environmental and financial consequences, and;
  • Use “what-if” scenarios to develop integrity management plans to minimize risk at the lowest possible cost.

The entire system will be live in 2021.

About the C-FER/Allied Engineers Partnership

Allied Engineers and C-FER have a long-standing relationship marketing to the Southern Asia region. When ONGC indicated their desire for a complete GIS-based management solution for their pipelines, Allied Engineers saw the opportunity to combine their pipeline integrity knowledge and experience with C‑FER’s advanced quantitative risk models to propose the best pipeline management solution to ONGC. Combining each organization’s expertise on this project was a natural fit.

“Finally, we got a perfect opportunity with our esteemed clients, ONGC, to combine our integrity experience related to CP, Coatings, ECDA, ICDA, SCCDA, ILI- MFL/ UT and pipeline repairs with C-FER’s most advanced, probabilistic, historical and reliability-based risk models in PIRAMID” said Ashish Khera, Director at Allied Engineers. “After instructing several NACE and ASME courses related to pipeline integrity, we are proud to say that our focus remains in having the core of PIMS, based on the best practices to be followed by a pipeline owner.”

“We are excited about this partnership with Allied Engineers,” said Chance Wright, PIRAMID product manager at C-FER. “This project demonstrates how pipeline companies can integrate PIRAMID’s advanced quantitative risk assessments into their current GIS framework to provide a seamless integrity management tool.”

About C-FER Technologies

C-FER’s mission is to advance safety, efficiency and environmental performance in partnership with the energy industry. We do this with engineered and tested solutions that provide the information needed to make timely and informed operational decisions.

About Allied Engineers

Allied Engineers (AE), an engineering consulting firm providing “total pipeline integrity solutions” was established in 1973. AE boasts of having SME’s (Subject Matter Experts) who are lead instructors with NACE and ASME for Pipeline Corrosion Integrity Management related topics and bringing that knowledge and experience for making pipelines a safer asset. AE’s ultimate vision remains to introduce and implement the latest asset integrity techniques for safe, efficient and cost effective operations.

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