September 28, 2020

A number of fibre optic cable-based systems that employ distributed acoustic sensing (DAS) were analyzed to characterize their leak detection sensitivity. The sensitivity analysis involved (1) identifying a suitable release parameter capable of providing a defensible basis for defining detection sensitivity and (2) the application of regression analysis to characterize detection sensitivity as a function of the chosen release parameter.

The paper—Establishing a Detection Threshold for Acoustic-based External Leak Detection Systems—describes the analysis approach developed to quantitatively determine leak detection sensitivity for various DAS technologies and deployment positions during two full-scale tests. The release parameters evaluated were:

  • Flow rate,
  • Reynolds number,
  • Mechanical power, and
  • Acoustic power.

Mathew Bussière  is presenting the results of this project at the upcoming virtual International Pipeline Conference. The presentation will be available on-demand during the event. You will learn about how the leak detection sensitivity threshold was quantitatively determined for each technology and sensory deployment position evaluated in a set of full-scale tests.

The entire paper— IPC2020-9518 Establishing a Detection Threshold for Acoustic-based External Leak Detection Systems —is available through the 2020 International Pipeline Conference.

Mathew Bussière is a Senior Research Engineer in C-FER’s Pipeline Design and Operations department. His focus is on external leak detection technologies.

Sample POD curves for Vendors A, B and C for TEST 1 and sensor position FOC2

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