September 22, 2020

Risk acceptance criteria have been developed for possible inclusion in the Canadian Standards Association’s Z662 Standard. These criteria, which will be included in Annex B on Guidelines for Risk Assessment of Pipeline Systems, will facilitate application of quantitative risk assessment by providing a consistent approach to evaluate the results.

The paper—Safety Risk Acceptance Criteria—describes the criteria that have been developed and provides the background information needed for users to understand and use them correctly. The discussion includes a summary of the following:

  • Measures used to quantify the safety risk associated with an ignited product release;
  • Established international and Canadian criteria that have been considered;
  • ALARP (as low as reasonably practicable) principle; and
  • Rationale for selecting specific individual and societal risk criteria.

Dr. Maher Nessim is presenting the results of this project at the upcoming Virtual International Pipeline Conference on September 29 at 12:30 p.m. You will learn about the required guidance for the appropriate interpretation and application of the proposed pipeline risk acceptance criteria.

The entire paper—IPC2020-9274 Safety Risk Acceptance Criteria for Pipelines—is available through the 2020 International Pipeline Conference.

Dr. Maher Nessim is a C-FER Fellow. He has contributed to revisions of the CSA Z662 Standard Annexes C and O and was awarded the 2020 CSA Group Award of Merit.

Summary of Risk Thresholds

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