September 14, 2020

C-FER is pleased to announce the release of an update to PC-PUMP®. PC PUMP v3.7.6 has the following additions over PC-PUMP v3.7.5

  • Minor Bugs Fixes: Few minor PC-PUMP software bugs have been fixed in v3.7.6.
  • Security Improvements: C-FER has improved the security, reliability and performance of Weblock, to ensure users experience fewer connectivity issues.
  • Windows 10 Improvements: C-FER has continued working on updating windows to improve the user experience of PC-PUMP in Windows 10.
  • Equipment Database: The PC-PUMP equipment database was updated with the latest pumps, rods, couplings and centralizers from our vendors; Weatherford, KUDU-Schlumberger, MANTL, and Plainsman.
  • Operating Conditions: PC-PUMP now allows the user to select and calculate pump submergence as measured or true vertical depth.

Learn more about PC-PUMP.


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