The High Temperature Flow Loop is used to carefully test the performance of downhole pumping systems over a range of operating temperatures, pressures, flowrates and gas/liquid ratios.

This custom loop includes an 90-ft-long, 244.5 mm OD (9.625 in, 40 lb/ft), casing section. The section is orientated at 3° off horizontal to mimic a “typical” SAGD production well where the artificial lift  system can be positioned.

Over the years, the flow loop has been upgraded numerous times. It is used to independently test the performance, reliability, and degradation of some of the newest forms of high temperature artificial lift systems in the world.

Examples of the types of systems tested include:

  • Electrical Submersible Pumps (ESPs)
  • Progressing Cavity Pumps (PCPs); and
  • Metal to Metal PCPs.

In many cases, testing has also helped the vendors optimize the performance of their AL systems under these very challenging thermal conditions.

High Temperature Flow Loop Specifications

Physical Setup

  • 11 inch 3000# API wellhead flange which allows for a variety of standard wellheads to be installed;
  • Fully instrumented to allow real-time pressure, temperature, power, and flow measurements, as well as variables like pump torque, speed, downhole vibration, downhole temperature distribution, ALR, GVF, and all relevant fluid properties – where in some cases C-FER has developed custom high temperature instrumentation to assist with these measurements;
  • Allows for downhole gas (steam and air) separation at the pump intake with a simulated submergence of approximately 2m (6.6 ft); and
  • C-FER can provide existing equipment (e.g. VFDs and drive-heads) to help lower setup costs, or (preferably) utilize a system entirely provided by the AL vendor.


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