C-FER designed and built the Gas Well Deliquification Flow Loop (DFL) to perform qualification and performance tests on novel gas well deliquification technologies. The loop uses water, oil, air, or a water/solids mixture as the test fluid. This flow loop provides the client with a low risk, affordable opportunity to learn how their system functions under specific test conditions prior to deployment in the field.

The instrumentation is also easily movable off-site to a controlled “test well” for testing under more realistic conditions. C-FER currently has the majority of the necessary wellhead equipment, 4.5 inch casing, and coiled tubing hangers to enable the installation of a coiled-tubing-deployed deliquification system into a 9.625 inch vertical well at the Enform facility in Nisku.

Physical Setup

  • The bottom 18 feet of casing is transparent acrylic for visualizing pump during testing;
  • The Deliquification Flow Looop be mounted vertically or horizontally (minor modifications required for diagonal mounting);
  • Coriolis meter measures density for percent solids calculation;
  • Vortex meter measures flow rate of air into the casing for determining gas injection effects; and
  • Captures test data at four points per second (or higher); ideal for cyclic (transient) pumping systems.

Learn more about the specifications of this and other C-FER Experimental Flow Loops.


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