Torsion Testing Unit Overview

The Torsion Testing Unit (TTU) features a supplemental bending apparatus to simulate pump installations in curved wellbores. A hydraulic accumulator system can simulate shock torsional loads that might occur during pump operation or during unplanned shut-downs.

The TTU is capable of applying torque of 16,300 NM (12,000 ft-lb) and axial tension up to 670 kN (150,000 lb). Sucker rod specimens included standard single rods, rods with threaded couplings and continuous rod.

Sucker Rod Testing

Sucker rod strength can be verified by applying a static axial load and ramping torsion to failure. A custom designed control system allows for automated load control and ramping. High accuracy measurements are taken of multiple variables which provide a full profile of loading conditions.

Sucker Rod Coupling Design Verification

Sucker rod coupling designs are evaluated by welding flanges to two pony rods and connecting them to a coupling. The assembly is installed with one fixed end and one end that receives an axial and torsion load. Assemblies can be tested with or without a “make-up” torque. Rotational displacement, stretch, axial load and torsion are measured simultaneously as that slippage and ultimate failure points can be identified.

No Turn Tool Testing

Various sizes of casing can be installed into an anchored chuck. The no-turn tool is attached to the motor head and installed into the anchored casing. The no-turn turn is rotated which applies an axial load when the tools bites into the anchored casing. An axial load profile can then be generated by using the torsion load, rotation displacement and time.

Bearing Testing

Bearings can be installed in a housing that allows for axial load and rotation to occur simultaneously. The rotational speed can be automated with the control system. The temperature of the bearing can be controlled by circulating heating or cooling fluid through the housing. Bearing failure is identified by measuring torque and vibration. As bearings degrade vibrations are picked up by an accelerometer.


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