Is it Going to Survive in a Sub-sea Environment?

C-FER Technologies’s Deepwater Experimental Chamber (DEC) enables full-scale testing of deepwater pipeline, subsea production equipment and subsea vehicle components. The chamber is unique because of the combination of its size, pressure rating and ease of access.

Simulating Sub-sea Depths up to 5 km (3 miles) for Offshore Pipe and Autonomous Underwater Vehicles

The DEC is designed to accommodate multiple measurement, hydraulic power and mechanical feed-throughs which allow activation of system components inside the chamber while at pressure. Specialized, high capacity bending and torsion systems are also available for imposing bend-collapse and torsion-collapse loading conditions. Quick release end caps ensure rapid installation and removal of equipment, reducing both testing time and cost. For tests requiring extreme collapse pressure conditions, a vessel-in-vessel approach has been used in past projects to increase the maximum pressure capacity of the test apparatus.


  • Working pressure to 55 MPa (8,000 psi);
  • Interior vessel dimensions: Length 10.7 m (35 ft), Diameter 1.22 m (4 ft);
  • Independent control of collapse pressure and internal specimen pressure;
  • Rapid installation and removal of test specimens and assemblies; and
  • Internal video monitoring.

Example projects in the DEC include:

  • Collapse and bend-collapse of ultra-deepwater line pipe;
  • Torsional capacity of flexible flow lines;
  • Weld buttering repair of corroded submarine hulls;
  • Function testing of sub-sea valves; and
  • Collapse resistance of autonomous vehicle hulls.


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