November 14, 2019

Industry has made efforts to establish a framework for the tubular connection product line verification in terms of the structural integrity and sealing capacity for high pressure/high temperature and thermal recovery wells. However, these frameworks are a work in progress.

In consideration of improving the confidence in the interpolation and extrapolation methods presented in the current standards and of applying the quantitative finite element analysis (FEA) methods to qualitative evaluation, Jueren Xie of C-FER Technologies and Junfeng Xie of PetroChina have completed parametric FEA case studies with various sizes and weights of tubular connections.

They conducted a review on the feasibility of the current guidelines specified by standards. Based on the analysis results, they have made recommendations and considerations for conducting tubular connection product line validation.

Jueren Xie will be presenting the above-described project at the upcoming SPE Thermal Well Integrity and Design Symposium in Banff, Alberta on November 19, 2019 at 10:30 AM in Van Horne A.

Visit us at booth #20 to learn more.

In attending the presentation, you will learn how tubular connection product line validation can be improved through increased understanding of the interpolation and extrapolation methods of the current frameworks. You will also be provided with recommendations for applying FEA guidelines to such validation efforts.

The full paper— “SPE-198701-MS Enhancement of Current Methodologies Used for Tubular Connection Product Line Validation”— is available from the Society of Petroleum Engineers.

Jueren Xie, PhD, PEng is a Senior Engineering Advisor in the Drilling & Completions department at C-FER. His focus is on casing and connection design, analysis and qualification assessment. He also has expertise in advance finite element modelling and analysis.

Enhancing tubular connection product line validation Flowchart for Product Line Validation


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