March 9, 2019

CSA Z662 is the Canadian standard for oil and gas pipeline systems, with Annex B specifically focusing on how to perform risk assessments for pipelines. Annex B is currently under review by the Risk Management Task Force and will likely be undergoing significant changes in 2023 to include more guidance on performing risk assessments and quantitative risk criteria for both natural gas and liquid pipelines.

Task Force Chair Maher Nessim, and Task Force work group leaders Mark Stephens of C-FER Technologies and Shahani Kariyawasam of TransCanada, will be leading a work group session at the Banff Pipeline Workshop to discuss the development of the guidance and risk criteria, and how these changes will impact pipeline design and integrity management decisions. If you are interested in learning more about the potential upcoming changes to Annex B, the details of the work group session are as follows:

Work Group 7 – Pipeline Risk and Reliability Management
Session F – Update on the Development of Comprehensive Risk Assessment Guidance and Associated Criteria for
CSA Z662-2023 Annex B – Guidelines for Risk Assessment of Pipeline Systems
Wednesday, April 10, 2019 at 1:30 OM.

Maher Nessim, PhD, PEng, FCAE is a C-FER Fellow and C-FER’s Chief Engineer. He is a member of the CSA Z662 Design Technical Sub Committee, Class Location Task Force, Chair of the CSA Annex C/O Task Force and the Risk Management Task Force, and has been a Fellow of the Canadian Academy of Engineers since 2013.

Mark Stephens, MSc, PEng, is a Senior Engineering Consultant at C-FER with over 30 years of experience in the areas of advanced structural analysis, large-scale testing, and engineering system risk and reliability with an emphasis on pipelines. He has also been actively involved in the development of sections of CSA Z662 pertaining to risk assessment and limit states design.

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