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Deep Well Simulator

C-FER's Deep Well Simulator (DWS) is used to develop and test a wide range of systems and products under precisely simulated downhole service conditions.

The DWS is used as a secondary containment vessel in which combinations of casing and tubing strings can be hung to build a wide range of wellbore configurations.

This can include concentric or parallel tubing strings, remote operated valves, instrumentation and temperature control systems installed at various locations along the length of the wellbore.

At surface, pumps, manifolds, flow meters and fluid and gas supplies can all be connected to custom wellheads to control the testing conditions.


  • Cased wellbore 0.6 m (2 ft) in diameter by 46 m (150 ft) deep
  • Pressure capacity and operating temperature range depends on the casing, tubing and wellhead equipment installed during testing
  • Secondary containment in the wellbore of 14 MPa (2,000 psi)
  • Indoor location with 22 tonne overhead crane with 15 m (50 ft) hook height
  • Standard and custom wellhead equipment
  • Liquid and gas supply, metering and mass flow rate measurement
  • Slurry circulation including drilling fluids and proppants
  • Easy access to electric and hydraulic power systems

Examples of tests conducted in the Deep Well Simulator include:

  • Calibration of an acoustic leak detection tool;
  • Evaluating pressure transients in a drill stem testing tool with hydraulic fracturing fluids;
  • Evaluation of novel beam pump valve systems;
  • Progressing cavity pump tests with high viscosity fluids;
  • Testing of novel high temperature zonal isolation tools; and
  • Proof testing of downhole oil-water separation systems.

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