Technical Publications

Welcome to the List of Works Published page. You can find a searchable list of all the papers and presentations our team of professionals has published while at C-FER. The form is defaulted to have all years selected.

Title Author Year
New Challenges for Analysis? Dessein, T 2018
Limit States Design Checks for Geotechnical Loads Nessim, M., Koduru, S. 2018
High Temperature ESPs for Geothermal Production: The Ideal Pump Curkan, B., Klaczek, W., Reede, C. 2018
Staged Risk-Based Approach for Assessing Erosion Resistance of SAGD Flow Control Devices Prasad, S., Zahacy, T. 2018
Evaluating Connection Challenges Hamilton, K. 2017
Moving Beyond Rules of Thumb Radke, C. 2016
Evaluation of Horizontal Liner Installation Loads Using Advanced Numerical Simulation Technique Tao, G. 2016
New Deep-Water, High-Pressure Completion Tubular for Gulf of Mexico Maximizes Combined-Load Capability While Incorporating Proven Cost Saving Features Anderson, T., Fontenot, C., Davey, R., Dugas, J., White, B., Hamilton, K.A., Beauchamp, P.S., Karlapalem, L.C., Muradov, A., and Brock, J.N. 2015
Sand Control Screen Cyclic Thermal Testing for Life of SAGD Wells Guobin, M.; Gordon, S.M.; Arshad, A.; Carriere, M.R.; Olson, J.L.; Hamilton, K.A.; Droessler, M.; Dessein, T. 2015
Enhanced Collapse Resistance for Different D/t Ratios of UOE Pipes for Ultra Deepwater Application De Lucca, R., Solano, R.F., Swanek, D., de Azevedo, F. B., Arroyo, F., Alves, H., Silva, R. 2015