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Mission, Vision and Values

C-FER’s Mission

Advance safety, environmental performance and efficiency in partnership with the energy industry. 

C-FER’s Vision

Global impact in an evolving energy industry. 

C-FER’s Values

Our Clients

  • We deliver high impact results to our clients, and produce the highest quality in everything we do. 
  • We maintain world-class expertise and facilities to meet our client’s needs. 
  • We understand our clients’ businesses and help them achieve their goals.  
  • We maintain the highest professional and ethical standards, and we stand behind our work.

Our Employees

  • We provide our employees a safe, healthy and friendly working environment.
  • We promote innovation, creativity, diversity, leadership, teamwork, respect and open communication. 
  • We invest in employee development, reward excellence and celebrate success. 

Our Community

  • We contribute to the sustainability and prosperity of the energy industry in Alberta.  
  • We foster Alberta’s global reputation as a place of excellence in research and innovation. 
  • We promote health, safety and respect for the environment.
  • We give back to our community and support the advancement of our professions.

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