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Learn how PIRAMID software improvements are making risk management easier than ever.


Pipeline operators are looking to understand the risks with their pipeline assets, recognize potential issues and know the best course of action to lower their risk profile. Risk and integrity management programs can help solve problems before they arise, lower costs and decrease environmental impact.

The challenge is these programs can be difficult because of the many variables that may impact the analysis. Risk management software can be complicated to use, slow to calculate results or the required data is missing.

C-FER’s PIRAMID software is a risk-based integrity management and maintenance planning software tool for pipelines. It uses a probabilistic approach to estimate financial, environmental and safety risk using the most current and verified engineering models. Operators can customize the failure probability and consequence models to meet their individual requirements.

We are holding a workshop at the “2018 International Pipeline Exposition in Calgary on September 27th  at 7:30 am in Telus Room 111. The workshop, “Risk Assessments Made Easy with PIRAMID” is for pipeline professionals who are looking to make the most of their integrity management program.

It will cover:

  • How you can do risk assessments even if you don’t have data
  • How cloud computing is making risk assessments faster than ever
  • How offering PIRAMID in a software-as-a-service model will increase access to the most robust risk models
  • How C-FER is leveraging new partnerships to make PIRAMID even more accessible; and
  • How 3 improved features help you get the most of your data and guide you through the risk assessment process

Register via Eventbrite by September 24, 2018.

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