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C-FER Presents at the PHMSA Pipeline Risk Modeling Methodologies Workshop

On September 9-10, 2015, the Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA), partnering with the National Association of Pipeline Safety Representatives (NAPSR), held a public workshop to discuss risk modeling methodologies for gas transmission and hazardous liquid pipelines and non-pipeline systems. As noted by PHMSA, pipelines are the primary energy highways of the nation and they provide efficient means to transport the vast volumes of commodities upon which the nation depends. Understanding the risk profile and underlying risk drivers for each pipeline in the energy highway is a fundamental aspect of safe pipeline operation.

This workshop provided the pipeline industry, Federal and State regulators, interested members of the public, and other stakeholders an opportunity to share their knowledge and experience about risk modeling and practical approaches to improving pipeline risk models. Presentations focused on improving risk modeling approaches and techniques for pipeline and non-pipeline systems to advance pipeline risk models.

C-FER Technologies was invited to make two presentations at this event. Jason Skow, C-FER’s Manager of Integrity and Operations provided an overview of the work scope and objectives of a PHMSA-funded project recently awarded to C-FER to provide ‘A Critical Review of Candidate Pipeline Risk Models’. Mark Stephens, a Senior Engineering Consultant in C-FER’s Pipelines and Structure Division made a presentation on ‘A Framework for Probability Estimation’.

A link to the workshop announcement containing embedded links to presentation slides and presentations videos is provided below

A direct link to the presentation videos is provided here
Jason Skow’s presentation on the recently awarded research project begins at 10:55 into the video titled “New PHMSA Research Projects”.

Mark Stephen’s presentation on a framework for probability estimation begins at 24:27 into the video titled “Opening and Presentations on Risk modeling Methodologies Part 2”.

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